we’re heeeeere! kind of ;)

Well we arrived just after sunrise in NZ, Auckland to be exact…we have a nice 5 hour layover until our flight to Christchurch when the adventure really begins…but this is what has gone down thus far:

We arrived at the airport only to realize we didn’t know which airline we were leaving on…I mean Quantas is the obvious, but the partner airline needs to get us to la and then we fly Quantas…Bryan is the planner of this trip singlehandedly (yay Bryan!) so it did not occur to me to ask such things. He has a faint glimmer of Alaska Air being correct and sure enough he was…check out the big brain on Bryan!

So we got all checked in and waited a while, got on our flight to LA uneventful…got off- couldn’t figure out how to get out of the terminal to where we needed to go…no signs of any kind, and mind you I have been to lax many times…but never internationally. I feel bad for the non english speaking travellers!? People from our flight were walking back and forth…we stumbled accidentally into the Virgin Airlines terminal- holy cow! It is like a posh hotel with ambient music playing, people chilling and dancing, it seriously is lit like a cool club…next time we try them 😉 They kindly directed us away from their cool party to a much more usual terminal…and we moseyed around through security AGAIN and got ready for the loooong ass flight here.

As I am trucking my way down the ganplank someone totaly ruins te moment by telling me I must check my carry on bag as it weighs too much?! What is this you say? No way-I will NOT part with my carry on items. anyone who knows me well, know what I pack in my carryon I cannot live without…yes all replacable things, but precious cargo, I say…so I was totally annoyed and upset. Bryan swiftly took some of my items and put them in his bag, now making it weigh too much, I am fairly certain…but he just snuck on the plane…

We sat down (me, still annoyed) and suddenly I couldn’t find my passport…found it laying on the seat!? Then immediately I thought of the scene in “Meet the Parents” or meet the fockers where they are harrassing Ben Stiller about his carry on bag being too big. He ends up getting thrown off the plane, but not before saying “I am finished with the checking of the bags conversation!”…as soon as I said this out loud, we were cracking up and ready to go.

The flight was cool, personal tv’s in flight movies (none of which we watched because we were going to sleep) and music. Turns out Dido has a new album I was totally oblivious to, but is good if you like her 😉 I got the first shift laying down- it was alright but not much sleep to be had…I took some “Tylenol PM” kind of thing and then later a Unisom and still nothing…but eh- sleep is overrated I guess when you’re on vacation! We are both alert, chugging coffee now and hoping to dump our bags back into the airlines rather than lug them all around…

So now we await our next flight at noon…for a one hour flight! Then we drive the camper van (on the left side of the road mind you, right hand steering wheel) to the beach where the penguins come in to roost at night…the driving thing is already seeming a bit complex as we keep looking the wrong way and trying to stay right on wakways…we are met with the very obivous looks that we must be foreign…however people are nice enough 🙂

gotta run…more to come soon!

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